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May 06

ELEY Brings Back ELEY standard

ELEY brings back ELEY standard (22Ammunition.net) – ELEY re-introduced ELEY standard this past weekend at the NRA annual meetings and exhibits. As ELEY continues to establish itself as the most accurate and demanding .22LR available in the world, they recognized a need in the market that wasn’t being filled. “Price conscious shooters deserve accurate and …

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Mar 03

ELEY Enters Commercial 22LR Ammo Market

(22Ammunition.net) – ELEY ammunition is no longer just your competition .22LR.  ELEY has entered the commercial .22LR market with one goal – produce the most accurate and reliable .22LR available to shooters at every level.  ELEY is offering two hollow point rounds, ELEY high velocity hollow and ELEY subsonic hollow.  ELEY subsonic hollow has been …

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Jan 16

ELEY Expands 22LR Ammunition Line

ELEY Expands Ammunition Line for 2016 January 14, 2016 – (22Ammunition.net) – ELEY continues to dominate the .22LR Olympic market. They celebrated success at the 2012 London Olympics with 14 out of 18 medals won using ELEY Ammunition and 71% of the 2016 Rio Olympic quota spots have been secured using ELEY. Now the company …

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Aug 19

22 LR Ammo Comparison

A comparison of 22 LR ammo, including CCI Standard Velocity, CCI Green Tag, CCI Quiet-22 Segmented HP, CCI Mini-Mag, CCI Stinger, Winchester Super X Power-Point Plated Round Nose, Winchester Super X Power-Point, Winchester 333, Remington 22 Yellow Jacket HP, Blazer 22 Long Rifle, Federal Champion, RWS Club, Eley Practice, Remington Thunderbolt, SK Standard Plus, and …

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