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Nov 23

CCI Maxi-Mag 22 WMR HP +V Clear Gel Test

The Rimfire Channel does a clear gel test of CCI Maxi-Mag 22 WMR HP +V ammunition. The test rifle is a Ruger American with a barrel length of 18 inches. The shooting rest used during the test is the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest from CTK Precision. The shooting rest is equipped with the optional Gun Vise Attachment.  

May 01

22 Long Rifle vs 44 Magnum

For those of you that have lost sleep wondering which caliber packs the most punch, the 22 Long Rifle or the 44 Magnum, this Demolition Ranch range demo provides the answer.

Apr 10

22 Mag and 17 HMR vs Bulletproof Glass

Using a couple of Henry rifles, 22Plinkster tests the .22 Mag and .17 HMR against bulletproof glass. The .22 Mag ammo used includes CCI Gamepoint, Maxi-Mag, and V-Max.

Apr 05

22LR Ammunition vs Peeps

Using a Henry Survival Rifle, FullMag tests how many peeps 22LR ammunition can penetrate.

Apr 04

CCI Stinger 22LR vs Cadbury Eggs

Another 22LR penetration test from 22Plinkster. This time he finds out how many Cadbury Eggs a CCI Stinger 22LR round can go through?

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